Le Creuset Decanter and Aerating Glass Funnel

Product Number: LEC591500100

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Le Creuset Decanter and Aerating Glass Funnel

Add a bit of drama to your dinner table with the Le Creuset Decanter and Aerating Glass Funnel. The glass funnel directs the flow of wine against the inside of the glass, so the wine cascades down them making a beautiful spectacle and aerating the wine at the same time.

It is a real dinner-table talking point. But the table theatre is just a nice side-effect, as the main benefit is the way the decanter and aerator bring out the best in any wine.

The wide base allows the wine to circulate and provides a large surface area to increase the benefits of aeration.

Perfect for people who love entertaining guests and for wine lovers, this Le Creuset aerating fountain also makes a superb and memorable gift.

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